In today’s technology-driven world, every business relies on skilled work force and delivering results. Team HnS specializes in understanding and leveraging the unique synergies where industries and skills come together. We supervise professionals based on both their technical skills and industry experience, ensuring that our Client partners are getting the best talent available for their specific needs.

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Got Java and .Net? When developing websites, apps or other programs, Java and .Net are frequently used as key resources to achieve the interactivity that today’s users require. HnS Solutions specializes in providing the Java and .Net talent you need to leverage this cross-platform resource to evolve your existing programs, or to develop the next generation of APIs, online transactions, games, messaging, social networking or the next new and newsworthy product or service.
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So much Data – so little time…and so few resources to manage it. Business live in the era of Big Data, with more information available from more sources than ever before. But Data does not equal Intelligence. Without the analytics that translate those large and complex data sets into actionable intelligence, businesses cannot benefit. HnS Solutions specializes in providing the Big Data talent you need to capture, curate, store, search, visualize, analyze and translate into data true business intelligence.
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It’s getting cloudy out there as businesses seek to increase capacity, add capabilities and manage cost by leveraging The Cloud. Whether your Cloud is Private, Public or Hybrid, you need to maximize your use of storage and computing power while minimizing risks to data security. HnS Solutions specializes in providing the talent you need to find the silver lining in the Cloud.
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In this Internet of Everything era, when everyone is always online all of the time, Data Security is a critical lynchpin with zero margin for error. Failure to secure data can lead to loss of intellectual property, impaired operations and compromised user information. Fortunately, HnS Solutions specializes in providing Data Security professionals who can develop and implement a cost-effective and integrated security program covering everything from security policies and procedures, risk analysis scenarios and response procedures to providing subject matter expertise on all IT projects and on wider business.
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Oracle’s enterprise solutions are integrated into the technology infrastructures of companies ranging from industry-leaders to innovative start-ups. Working with systems that are so widely and deeply integrated into your businesses operations requires the expertise of IT professionals who understand that your operations depend on their success. HnS Solutions specializes in providing the Oracle talent you need to ensure all of your Oracle related systems and initiatives deliver.
SAP's real-time enterprise resource planning is critical to the success of many businesses. Whether you are adding a module at a time and integrating with existing systems, or your levering end-to-end modules to inform and drive your business, effectively implementing and managing these systems that manage your business flow is key. HnS Solutions specializes in providing SAP professionals who combine deep SAP and industry-specific knowledge to ensure your business' SAP success.
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In a highly competitive world, the key to growth & success is continuous transformation and innovation. At HnS Solutions Consulting we have built our value position to help you maximize value from the infrastructure which is at the very core of your business. In the past, organizations outsourced infrastructure management to gain cost advantages and to eliminate the pains of managing their IT internally. Today, the reasons for outsourcing are changing. Outsourced infrastructure management is not just viewed as a cost lever - progressive organizations understand that it is as a service that can drive productivity, efficiency and their growth strategy.
HnS Solutions's IMS / Infrastructure Management Services staffing experience and capabilities cover a wide range of roles and functions including Data Center Management Services, Desktop Technicians, End-User Computing Management Services, Information Security Managed Services, Network Architects / Engineers, and Network Management Services.
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The world has gone Mobile, and it’s not turning back. Every day, Mobility becomes a greater factor in delivering services to customers of all industries. Whether they’re customers, strategic partners or internal colleagues, the new norm is to expect access to messaging, information, resources, products and services on-the-go. And when users cannot get it on-the-go, they are taking their business elsewhere. HnS Solutions specializes in providing the talent you need to ensure your business is able to fully leverage the potential of mobile technology.
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If failing to plan is planning to fail, then failing to project manage is managing to project failure. Taking an IT idea from concept to fruition involves many moving parts including objectives, technologies, personnel and logistics. Fortunately, HnS Solutions specializes in providing Information Technology Project Managers with strong technology skills, deep industry knowledge and superior project methodology execution to get your key projects across the finish line within budget and timeline while avoiding the dreaded scope-creep.

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

- Confucius

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